About Phillip Lozano

Phillip Lozano is a professional journalist/writer/editor of 20+ years’ experience, interested in art, music, books, films, drawing, dancing, paranormal, politics, history, writing and editing creative fiction. Yes, you may have seen him around town lurking in libraries, bookstores, museums, art galleries, music clubs, dance halls, video and comic book stores looking for the sublime in the divine and the profane. This sinister urge to find meaning in everyday human existence often leads to long and convoluted conversations and occasional alliances with the unsane, the poets, the geniuses, the misanthropes, the freaks, the outcasts, the discarded, the alienated and the rare miracles.
I am sardonic, iconoclastic, and artistic. I’ll make you laugh a lot and talk about life, the universe, and everything. I know how to deal with crazy. I write for adults. If you are lucky/unlucky, I’ll write about YOU.


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